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Super Codlivine Best Mate Stable Toy


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Super Codlivine Best Mate Stable Toy is designed to be used with Super Codlivine’s Manger Mate, the apple-shaped holder helps control access to the Manger Mates, making them last even longer.

Retailer: 01522 529 206 or visit

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Your Horse rating
rating is 4

This toy definitely kept CJ occupied – it took her a little while to work out how to get at the lick inside – she kept trying to grab it. She did manage to get hold of the plastic but, because of its shape, she couldn’t get her teeth around the Manger Mate inside! Eventually she realised she had to be quite gentle with it and started to lick it. The lick lasted quite a while – she would stand for long periods of time just licking, looking totally contented. The only disadvantage is you have to place it so it hangs away from any walls – this wasn’t a problem for us but may be a problem in other stables, so consider this before you buy one

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Super Codlivine Best Mate Stable Toy


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