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Stubbs Rock 'n 'Roll Ball


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Stubbs Rock 'n 'Roll Ball is a great toy that’s hard to roll in a straight line, so ideal for keeping your horse occupied. Dispenses treats through a 30mm hole.

Colours: Red, blue, green, purple or pink
Price: £17.99
Retailer: 01565 650 343 or visit 

Your Horse review

Your Horse rating
rating is 4.5

We tried this ball on two of our horses. Boss is very playful and easily bored – he worked out how to use the ball very quickly but his technique was interesting. He would paw at the ball and lift, rather than roll, it along the ground. This meant he spread the treats all over his bed so it was difficult for him to get his reward and after a while he got frustrated with it. Our other horse Yohan loved it – he was tactical in his approach using his nose to push the ball. It kept him occupied for ages. It is quite noisy, but it does keep horses occupied so is a good idea. It is easy to fill and, despite some quite rigorous use, it’s still in good condition.

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Stubbs Rock 'n 'Roll Ball


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