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Cottage Craft Horseball


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Cottage Craft Horseball is a fun ball to keep your horse amused in the stable. Sizes Small and large

Colours: Blue (small), red or green (large)
Price: £4.99 (small), £20.99 (large)
Retailer: 01274 711 101

Your Horse review

Your Horse rating
rating is 3.5

I liked the idea of this ball and was keen to see if my inquisitive and playful youngster would like to play with it. I tried it in her stable first and she did show some interest in it – pushing it with her nose – and she did pick it up a few times too. Unfortunately, after this initial interest I didn’t see her play with it again, which was disappointing. I tried leaving the ball out in the field, too, hoping that with two of them out there they might play with it but I never saw either of them with it.

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Cottage Craft Horseball


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