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Libby's Lungie Bungie


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Features: Libby's Lungie Bungie encourages your horse to take an equal contact on both reins by not fixing his head and neck in one position. This means that whichever way the horse carries his head, the contact is the same on each side. If your horse does lean on the contact, the elastic mimics the hands of a good rider, encouraging him to relax into the contact.

Clip the equaliser (an 8in nylon strap with a clip at each end and a metal ring at the centre) to each side of the bit, then thread the Lungie Bungie through the ring at the centre. Next thread each end of the Lungie Bungie through the D-rings on the roller. Loop the Lungie Bungie back onto itself and clip to the loosest ring. Repeat this on the other side. You can gradually adjust the tension as your horse warms up.

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Libby's Lungie Bungie


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