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IV Horse Chestnut Horse Shampoo


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rating is 4.5
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Features: The IV Horse Chestnut Horse Shampoo has a super gold formula for all chestnuts, duns and light bays.

Your Horse review

Your Horse rating
rating is 4.5

YH tester says:

This shampoo has a lovely thick consistency and produces a good lather, so I didn’t need to use a lot of it. I also found it good on her mane and tail and it has a lovely fresh smell. It cleaned well leaving her coat soft and shiny. I tried this shampoo on a light bay too and it left both horses with a nice tint to their natural colour. This is a great all-round shampoo and is great value for money as you don’t need much to get a good result.

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IV Horse Chestnut Horse Shampoo


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