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Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad


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Features: The Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad covers your horse from his withers to his quarters. It’s designed to help relieve stiffness, promote relaxation and improve back flexibility. Clinical trials demonstrate the massage pad improves back flexibility, stride length and relaxation. This lightweight pad is easy-to-use and is made from wipe-clean polyurethane.

It has three settings:
Low Designed for cooling down after exercise
Medium To warm muscles up before exercise
High Designed to work on back problems

The massage programme runs for 30 minutes through a series of vibrations designed to stimulate the muscles. The battery lasts for at least six sessions and recharges overnight.

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    i bought my massge pad from with fantastic service, arrived next day. the message pad has improved my old stiff horse loads, he is now more flexible and not as stiff on the cold mornings. my dressage training can't believe the results in sort time and has just ordered on her self from the same shop. a must buy

    (Written by: sfruen)

    19 November 2008 15:52


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Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad


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