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Liveryman Harmony clippers


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Features: The Liveryman Harmony clippers are powerful mains clippers that are very quiet and have two speeds. Detachable blades mean you can use wider blades for a full clip. These clippers can also be used with their battery pack. From a two-hour charge they will give you up to three hours of use.

Price: £197 including battery pack


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    I bought these 2 years ago when I moved to a yard with only a generator for power. I use the clippers on my hairy irsih cob - they cut through his hair well although it can take a while to do (3hrs to hog his mane. I find that the clipper cable often works it way out of the battery mid way through it can be really annoying when you are trying for an accurate line. My battery has stopped working after about 10 uses and when I tried to purchase another it was £80. Bought a new battery pack anyway to discover it still won't work so having to use the mains. On the whole it is a fab idea and I do like the fact they are quiet and fit my hand well however am annoyed that battery now not working after only 15times

    (Written by: ggray1502)

    01 May 2010 16:25


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Liveryman Harmony clippers


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