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Westropp petal boots


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Features: The Westropp petal boots were redesigned last year to add several new features. They now have a wider strap to increase ease of fit and also to decrease the ‘lift’ of the petal when in use. This decrease in lift means the boots have become quieter, as some users felt the rattling of the boots to be too loud. They are made in the UK from a soft engineered plastic that’s designed not to rub or otherwise irritate the leg.

The petal design works in several ways – as the horse jumps into water or contacts deep ground, the petals splay outwards, increasing the amount of protection available to the hoof. If the hind hoof strikes or stands on the petal, it comes away from the boot – both straps and petals can be replaced. 18 petals and two straps are supplied – Westropp suggest using nine petals per foot for a horse, eight for cobs and smaller horses, and seven for ponies.

Colour Options: black, white, red, navy, brown, pink and purple


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Eight sets of over-reach boots were used extensively by top showjumper Laura Renwick. She used them on a range of horses at her yard, including young horses as well as more established ones, and used them for a range of activities, including flatwork and roadwork.

Laura says:
“I found these boots a little noisy, and I’m not sure I’d use them on a very young horse as they might be frightened of the noise. I didn’t actually have any problems with these boots but I wasn’t certain the petals would stand up to a lot of impact, for example, if the horse really struck himself hard.”

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Westropp petal boots


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