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New Equine Wear Cross Country Fleece Boots


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The New Equine Wear Cross Country Fleece Boot is an all terrain boot combining maximum protection and comfort. Rigid splinter proof tendon and cannon bone guards, flexible fetlock and sesamoid reinforcement and deep, soft fleece lining as a barrier to keep out dirt and grit. Available in both front and hind.

Colours: Black
Sizes: Small, Medium, Medium/Wide and Large

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Your Horse rating
rating is 4

These fit so well – they’re so soft and fluffy you’d want to wear them yourself! They’re really good for horses who have sensitive skin or clipped legs. They have all the attributes required for a good cross-country boot with the tendon guards and they also cover the back fetlocks well.

They look really good on although they did look a little bulky on their first use. They didn’t slip at all, but they did twist round a little. The only downside really was that the horse’s legs were quite hot and sweaty after using them, and they also held water, which meant they were quite heavy when I took them off. They are good boots, but too expensive for me.

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New Equine Wear Cross Country Fleece Boots


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