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New Equine Wear Cross Country Airoflow Boots


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The New Equine Wear Cross Country Airoflow Boots ventilate large volumes of of air in a constant flow to keep the leg, especially the tendons, cooler during strenuous work.

Available in both fore and hind boots.

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
Colour: Black
Price: front £65 hind £72

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These boots were brilliant – they’re really easy to put on, with only two straps on the front boots, which is a great idea. They have little holes in them to keep the air flowing, and they’re super lightweight and don’t hold any water. They’re made with a different soft material on the inside, which stops them slipping. They offer massive protection with a strike pad in the back and are made of a really durable material, making them very difficult to damage. They are expensive, but well worth it. I will definitely be buying these again.

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New Equine Wear Cross Country Airoflow Boots


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