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Equi-N-icE cooling bandage and coolant


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Features: Equi-N-icE cooling bandage and coolant is designed to combine the action of a cooling preparation and bandage, as the bandage comes pretreated with Equi-N-icE coolant. It comes in a resealable pouch and is applied to the leg, taking care not to overlap the bandage by more than a third, as this diminishes the coolant’s ability to evaporate. It should be left in place for no less than 20 minutes, and will keep it's cooling properties for around two hours, depending on heat and humidity, after which it dries out. Re-use with 80ml of coolant.

Prices: £7.95 per bandage, £15.95 for 500ml coolant, £22.95 for one litre

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Your Horse rating
rating is 4

YH tester and event rider, Julia Crowson says:

I used these bandages after competition. They are quite easy to apply and the single Velcro strap kept the bandage in place on most horses – on one horse, the bandages slipped when he was loose in the stable, so I would recommend tying your horse up. After 20 minutes the horses’ legs still felt very cool. Although they are good quality, with lots of use some of the bandages did start to get holes in them.
You also have to remember to put them in some coolant to re-charge them when you’ve  finished using them. Quite expensive initially but they do last quite a while.

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Equi-N-icE cooling bandage and coolant


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