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Myler Comfort Snaffle


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Features: The Myler Comfort Snaffle has a uinique mouthpiece with a no-pinch design that allows more room for the tongue and swallowing comfortably. The bit allows more precise communication while being kind to your horse.
Size: 4.5in – 6in depending on the cheek option.
Price: £62.95. Other cheeks are available from £42.95
Stockists: 01335 272600 or

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Your Horse rating
rating is 4

Karla James emailed us about the Myler Comfort snaffle she bought in July 2005.

What’s great?

Karla says, “I’ve tried several bits to help my horse realise it’s more comfortable to lower your head than to raise it in the air and throw it around. The Myler is the only bit my horse will work comfortably in.”

What’s not so great?

Karla says, “The only downside is it’s expensive but it’s worth every penny!”

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Myler Comfort Snaffle


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Hollys Horses

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Hollys Horses says

Re: Myler Comfort Snaffle

id love to try a myler bit in my tb, but theyre really expensive where i am and i cant afford to buy one.

19 September 2008 17:02


lizplayford says

RE: Myler Comfort Snaffle

I would like to agree with the comments made about the myler comfort snaffle, I like many others have tried a variety of bits and noseband combinations before using this one, I have a plain cavesson noseband not a flash! My horse accepts this bit with no problem, I purchased a myler pelham from ebay with the same mouthpiece for show classes, he goes just as well in this. These bits are expensive but so is buying lots of different bits while you are experimenting!

19 September 2008 16:38


harbuckle says

RE: Myler Comfort Snaffle

First used a Myler bit with my very nappy Welsh Section D and had a managed break through. Unfortunately, I lost her but am still using a Myler with my next horse and find it superb again.

05 May 2008 21:58


Rachelsimm says

RE: Myler Comfort Snaffle

I bought a Myler last year and it is superb. My horse's way of going has improved and he relaxes through his poll and jaw so much better. It's also stong enough to control him when he gets excited on a hack! They are worth the expense; certainly my best buy for a long time.

23 April 2008 06:26

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