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Barnsby 2-Type-Bit Copper Plus


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Features: Combining a loose ring and eggbutt snaffle, the Barnsby 2-Type-Bit Copper Plus has a copper mouthpiece and stainless steel rings.

The eyes on the central joint are smaller than usual to help reduce pressure on the horse’s tongue and palate, and all edges are smooth to avoid catching the lips.
This bit has the flexibility of a loose ring snaffle and is easy on the corners of the horse’s mouth.

When the reins are used, pressure is put on two parts of the mouth – the inner edge of the lower jaw from the mouthpiece, and the outer upper and lower jaws from the cheeks of the eggbutt. Because of its action, less force is needed by the rider.

The mouthpiece is 16mm thick and the bit is also available with a lozenge and in stainless steel.

Sizes: 12cm, 13cm and 14cm widths

Stockists: 01922 621676

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