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I first got to ride years ago when I was about 5. I remember our neighbours having a horse and letting me have a ride. I went to get ready which involved my full cowboy outfit including two guns. Needless to say I had to give up the guns so I could ride. I was really lucky because my godparents lived in Herefordshire and I went to stay for a few summers. My godmother had an eventer and she had foals from her. So I got to look after the horses and also ride a couple of neighbours ponies.

I started to take pictures for Your Horse and opportunities kept coming up when I could have a ride but my riding skills were nonexistent. So I went and had lessons for about a year. It gave me the basics which was enough (being a man) to think I could now ride. Of course this wasn't the case but it didn't stop me saying yes when anyone offered me the chance to ride. So over the last few years I've had the opportunity to ride an Icelandic which is in my picture (which are bred to be particularly strong - small but loads of fun), Western horses, various school horses, Mister Mouse (he went to the Atlanta Olympics), Jack (an ex Your Horse Editors horse) and not forgetting Jester (Allison Lowthers horse). A few years ago I also went to Spain for a week to photograph a riding holiday. It was the first time I galloped and it was along a Spanish beach in the blazing sun. I ended up riding for 8 hours. Needless to say I wasn't in a good way the next day. Last year I was lucky enough to ride to take a picture for the Fave Ride section of the mag. It was great to get to ride in the Shropshire hills.

One day I'm hoping to go to Montana to do a ranching holiday. It looks an amazing place and to get to ride in that landscape would be a once in a lifetime experience.


Let's find out a little more:

How many years have you been riding? 

Badly and erratically for 30 years 

What is your horse(s) called? 

I don't have one but if I did it might be called Philip 

What do you do with your horse?  

If someone lent me one I'd go for a hack 

What is your favourite piece of kit? 

My Mountain Horse Peak Protector boots 

Who is your favourite rider? 

Lucinda Fredericks

If you could have any famous horse which would it be? 

Milton. A very talented horse but also great fun    

What is your most embarrassing horsey moment? 
Nearly getting run down by a rider in the middle of the main ring at Hickstead. I got shouted at, not good!
What do you love? 
Standing on the top of a hill on a sunny day with nothing to do    
What do you hate? 
Noise and busy places
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