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Imogen Johnson

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About Me

There was never any question over whether or not I would ride. My whole family are horsey, so it was just a given that I would follow suit. For a while I didn't have my own pony so I went for lessons at a nearby riding school and rode my sister's pony when I was allowed. When the time came for me to get my own pony I was over the moon! She was a tiny black mare with white splodges on either side of her belly – cute she might have been, well behaved she was not. 

Unfortunately naughtiness was something all my ponies had in common and I quickly learnt to recover from a fall and take pride in last place! I went through the Pony Club and gave everything a go but it was Polocrosse that I became hooked on. I played for over 10 years before making the decision to give up and try something new – unfortunately nothing has given me the same buzz yet!


Let's find out a little more:

How many years have you been riding? 

21 years 

What is your horse(s) called? 

Sadly I've just sold my horse Ruby but still have my retired mare Snake - she just keeps on truckin!

What do you do with your horse?  

I enjoy schooling, dressage and jumping although, due to a number of falls in my younger years, I'm not very brave when all four feet leave the ground!

What is your favourite piece of kit? 

I have a pair of Toggi Calgary long boots that I've worn to death and they just keep on going. They are great for riding and on the yard. I also have a Toggi wax jacket which is great. 

Who is your favourite rider? 

Mark Todd, I love the way he rides - he makes everything look so easy. I also really admire Mary King who is super friendly and always happy to help. 

If you could have any famous horse which would it be? 

I don't know, but I'd love a few of my old horses back!    

What is your most embarrassing horsey moment? 
When I played Polocrosse I wore white jeans to play in. As we spent most of the day in our jeans between games, the trend was to wear nicely fitting jeans which usually meant they came from Topshop or somewhere simular - needless to say these are not designed for riding!
One weekend I leaned down to pick up the ball during one of my chukkas and my jeans split right down the back of the seam. As I recall I wasn't wearing the biggest pair of pants so there was plenty on show. As we were mid chukka there wasn't a great deal I could do about it so I had to carry on. Not my finest moment.
What's your favourite cheese?

I enjoy any cheese and every cheese but I do love a good bit of Gouda! And I enjoy a Creamy Lancashire too.

What do you love? 
What do you hate? 
Milk - it's just not right!