Meet the Team

Meet the team!

The team at Your Horse love talking about their horses, so we've given them a chance for them to show off their companions and tell you a little more more about themselves (including their most embarrising moments!).

Our Editorial team will also be keeping a blog of their horses so you can hear get updates on the havoc they cause. 


Imogen Johnson

Your Horse Editor


"There was never any question over whether or not I would ride. My whole family are horsey, so it was just a given that I would follow suit. For a while I didn't have my own pony so I went for lessons at a nearby riding school and rode my sister's pony when I was allowed. When the time came for me to get my own pony I was over the moon..."

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Allison Lowther

Your Horse Associate Editor/Buyers' Guide Editor


"For my eighth birthday I was given riding lessons as a present from my parents. I had weekly lessons and helped out at the riding stables at weekends and during school holidays. I didn't have my first pony until I was 16 and have had four horses since then, all very different personalities but they have all taught me a huge amount..."


Becky Statham

Your Horse Senior Writer


"I have been riding since my parents took me to my first riding lesson at the age of 8 and have been hooked ever since. I continued my lessons and with the help of my mum, purchased my own horse at the age of 23, Lottie..."

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Matthew Roberts

Your Horse Photographer


"I first got to ride years ago when I was about 5. I remember our neighbours having a horse and letting me have a ride. I went to get ready which involved my full cowboy outfit including two guns. Needless to say I had to give up the guns so I could ride. I was really lucky because my godparents lived in Herefordshire and I went to stay for a few summers. My godmother had an eventer and she had foals from her. So I got to look after the horses and also ride a couple of neighbours ponies..."

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Helen Milbank

Freelance Writer


"I’ve been riding for about 30 years and caught the bug after a riding lesson with my younger brother when I was eight (he fell off, hence the swift end of his riding career). I’ve owned Spock for nearly 20 years and, at 34, he’s proof that Arabs are made of tough stuff. He’s retired now, but we spent many years tearing round the local countryside..."

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