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Kevin Hiatt





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Chairman of a Self-help group called The Imagine Group for people with Depression and other Mental Health Problems.ICME Membership Committee. I was taught to ride at Porlock then with a retired Lt.Col.Leech ex indian Army Cavalary in 1966. Owned my own horse kept him at home he was a Romany Cob from a riding school which was closing and I was one of only 4 who could ride him. Tonka had many health problems including Cushings which caused Laminitis without warning. He died May 2010 aged 30 after having him for 21 years. Then gave a home to an ex-race horse Chesnut Mare 17.2 aged 20 from a rescue centre she was in bad condition(Body Condition 2) with Bad rain scald,Mud fever, Thrush in Frog and found hole in one hoof, Vet, Farrier, and Dentist. Me I am blind in one eye, arthritis in spine with no feeling down LH side of Body (works Accident) 6ft2in aged 60 married with poorly wife, one son who is a teacher,and rides an Eventer and his girl friend rides an ex-race horse. My friends who also ride suggest that I have finally flipped and have I made my will when I take the new Mare out into Sutton Park as she has just dumped me, interesting experience as have not come off for 30 years but have usually have the horse on top of me with me still in saddle ouch.Lara suddenly died with a twisted gut so sad when were getting somewhere with her. Now have a Belgian Warmblood called Sabrina who will teach me alot she is 16.1h so able to mount from the ground.Now taken on 2 Rescue Shetland Colts one 2 years old the other 6 months old both were unhandled the 2 year old a Skewbald Arthur is the father of the younger one Charlie is a Chestnut. Now a Rescue Shetland 16years old called Yoyo Gelding Skewbald. Now taken on a 15.0h Sec.D Welsh Cob Rescue a mare called Molly, getting her into condition so very poorly at first.

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