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Becky Allen





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Hiyaa Well im becky im 17,18 in may.I own 2 stunning gelding's math and jack I Rescued Jack From A Slaughter Auction 3 years Ago And Have Brought Him On From A Terrified pony that threw me into a corner and kicked me until i nearly blacked out to a happier more confident pony.I Paid £600 for him and they said he was 10 he was 20 ¬¬ but tbh i have been taught so much by him i would never give him up we have our highs and we have a fair few lows but its the way it is.Jack Is About To Begin His 1st Full Show Season! :) Math well my mum and stepdad decided after all the things with jack and being told (its not safe to ride him) they brouht math a 8 year old welsh sec D gelding he is amazing been schooled in everything from dressage to Xc nothing fazes him...but he excels at showjumping jumping 4ft2 with me =] in our first year together he got me in to the north west showjumping championships and 3rd overall showjumper and never left bridgewater (show) with out a rosette he loves indoor jumping seems to grow some wings and some confidence he has a cheeky personality like pusing my dad in a big pile of straw or biting one of the big head of the heard gelding on the bum and legging it leaving the one behind in trouble if you want to know anymore about me just add me and messege me =] xxxxx xx

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