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Hayleigh McKenna





Where I live:




How many years riding:


How many horses I own or loan:


What I do with my horse:

trick training, hacking, western riding, schooling, driving, show jumping, cross country, dressage, hunting, showing and anything else I can!!

My favourite piece of kit is:

I do like my western saddle!

I love...

swimming with my horse!

I hate...

not being able to ride!!

I'm happy to answer questions about...

Anything at all!

Where I live:

Other interests:

I have to AMAZING horses that I love to bits! I have had Chici, my Highland Pony since I was 7 and Freya, my Thoroughbred cross just over a year. Chici is now 15 (same as me, we even share the same birth date!) and is the most loving pony ever but very stubborn! She is an unusual colour that changes every season so hasn't got a name and is ride and drive. She also used to jump upto 1m and has done all activities, hunting and dressage ect. Freya is a dark bay 15hh and has just turned 4. She has been in ridden work just over a year and is learning really quickly. She drives too :) We have hunted, done show jumping upto 1m20, cross country and been on a riding holiday! I am now wanting to start Dressage with her. She also knows loads of tricks (bowing, smiling, saying please, backing up, rearing and a few more!) I love them guys :) my little moody mares hehe.

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