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katie jones







How many years riding:


How many horses I own or loan:


What I do with my horse:

everything i can

My favourite piece of kit is:


I love...

my horse being out, sitting down, riding, shows, grooming, messing around

I hate...

rain, cold, mucking out, cleaning tack, going home, leaving cheyenne while im on holiday, bitchy people and not being right

I'm happy to answer questions about...

whatever you think i can answer:D

Where I live:

I have Bebo, Facebook and Youtube with lots of videos of us on it

http:// ,

Other interests:

Hi im Katie im 17 and i own a NF X Appaloosa 14.2 lightweight mare. Cheyenne is 6 years old and I have owned her for nearly 2 years since she was 4 years and 8 months old. Since then we have done quite a few comps and been placed fairly well in drs, couple times in jumping-need to improve so watch my vids and let me know what you think and have also done a few HT and XC schooling. Cheyenne is a very good pony but can be mareish, she also has tendencies to be quirky and naughty with other people i.e. back person and dentist lol

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