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Where I live:

South Wales



How many years riding:


How many horses I own or loan:


What I do with my horse:

Showjumping, Showing, Dressage, Hacking and pretty much enjoying each others company!

My favourite piece of kit is:

My new Hawk Event Saddle & my diamate browband

I love...

the fact that if ive had a bad day, i go up the yard and my horse Romeo cheers me up straight away and puts me in a good mood.

I hate...

the british weather and not having a horsebox

Where I live:

Other interests:

Ive loved and ridden horses all of my life but had a 5 year break from owning a horse between 2002-2007 due to me setting up my own business. I missed riding so much so I saved like mad for a year and got to buy my gorgeous Dutch Warmblood Romeo in April 2007. Its soooo nice to be back in the saddle and to have that bond with a horse again, dont think I could ever have a break from horses again!

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