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helen and mia

Helen Morrell







How many years riding:


How many horses I own or loan:


What I do with my horse:

at the moment hacking schooling the summer showing and showjumping yey! :)

My favourite piece of kit is:

My TWO bargain saddles which were waaayyyyyy underpriced :)

I love...

blue chip pro and dynamic-for mias arthritis

I hate...

people who always blame the horse first

I'm happy to answer questions about...

whatever i can give a helpful answer to

Where I live:

Other interests:

Theres no where to put info about my horse so I put it here...Mia is an 19 yr old 15.2 TB mare. Ive owned her for two years and loaned her for two before that (she was given to me). Shes quite highly strung but when she feels like it she can be sweet. She has artritis in her hocks and is hard to keep weight on. Despite her age we still enjoy cross country and showjumping (dressage is not our thing) and also had a fun time in hand recently! Shes a sweetie and is with me for life, hopefully many more years to come...

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