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Where I live:

Birmingham, West Midlands



How many years riding:


How many horses I own or loan:


What I do with my horse:

Hacking, Schooling and Local Shows

My favourite piece of kit is:

Solo Comb

I love...


I hate...

Inconsiderate Drivers and Riders

Where I live:

Other interests:

I'm 24 and live in Birmingham with my boyfriend of 19 months. I have been riding since I was 4 and helping out at yards since I was 8. I have part loaned a couple of horses in the past, they were: Charlie, 14.2 cob gelding. A right character and lovely to ride. I mainly hacked and schooled him with the odd fun ride to TT, 12.2 Welsh Section A x gelding. Another great character, he was brought for my friends 4 year old daughter so I schooled him up and hacked him out. I also looked after my friends horse, Splash. He was a Welsh Section D gelding who was nicely schooled and looked after his riders although would up a gear for experience riders.

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28 May 2008
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