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Lame Horse? Videos - please give me your thoughts

Hi Before I go into the detail, I have attached a couple of videos of my horse Splodge (youtube links - I hope they work!) - can you please tell me your thoughts as to whether you think he is lame, if so which leg you think. I am just interested... and will give further details after I've had some feedback - thank you!!!! Right Rein - Left Rein - %X95


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Showing advice?

 Me and oli are going to our first show two weeks today, it's his first show and only my second ridden class! We are entered Ito a ridden cob class that is open to all cobs! Does anyone have any advice?                   I've also barren advices on other forums that we don't stand as much of a chance as he it's coloured and or hogged, is this true?


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2015 Boston Marathon: Viewer's guide, race time and course?

 Meb Keflezighi Is Back at the Boston Marathon, This Time as a Superstar
BOSTON — One year after capturing the Boston



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