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Acorn poisoning warning issued to animal owners

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Georgie Fenn, 06 November 2015 14:15

RSPCA urges farmers, smallholders, and dog owners to be aware of the signs and symptoms of acorn poisoningAcorns fall from oak trees between September and November, and are an important source of food for many birds and some mammals, such as squirrels. But for many animals - including our beloved pets and livestock - they are extremely poisonous. Many animals ...

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UK Polocrosse team climbs to fourth in the world

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Imogen Johnson, 17 July 2015 09:19

After finishing fourth in the 2015 Polocrosse World Cup the United Kingdom Polocrosse team has risen to number four in the world rankings.The team finished second in their group behind double world champions Australia but then lost in the semi finals to the eventual runners up Zambia by 29 goals to 18. This result meant they would play Australia again ...

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Vet nurse recognised for awareness-raising work

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Joanna Atkinson, 13 May 2015 16:54

Dot Creighton, the former President of the British Veterinary Nursing Association, has been awarded the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Veterinary Nursing (VN) Golden Jubilee Award. In her Presidential year Dot created what came to be known as the Veterinary Nurse Awareness day. As a result Dot was honoured with this special award. Subsequently, this was developed into National ...

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Take a survey to help improve horse health

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Becky Statham, 05 May 2015 16:00

Leading equestrian organisations are appealing to all horse owners and keepers in the UK to stand up for horse health between 18 – 25 May 2015 and participate in the National Equine health Survey (NEHS). It’s a short, sharp snapshot survey of general horse health that is already helping to make an important difference to the future health and welfare ...

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Exciting new show jumping event announced

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Imogen Johnson, 05 May 2015 14:30

Bolesworth International has announced an exciting new British event for the international show jumping calendar - the New Year's Eve party at the Albert Dock, Liverpool. Hailed as "a unique new international show" by Bolesworth founder and organiser Nina Barbour, the three-star competition will run at the Liverpool Echo Arena from 1-3 January 2016. A New Year's Eve party at the Albert Dock ...

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Forget Ed and Cameron - cast your vote in World Horse Welfare's Pony Election!

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Imogen Johnson, 13 April 2015 17:16

We know how important the General Election is but there’s a lot less kicking and biting in World Horse Welfare’s Pony Election. Horsing around might be frowned upon by the British electorate but it is actively encouraged between these special candidates– Flossy, Jumbo, Denver and Liquorice - who each have a strong case for support. The four parties represent the types of ponies World Horse ...


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