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Riding and Training

Dainese Alter Real Back Protector?


I am looking for a new back protector but I was looking for something lightweight and which allows a bit more flexibility when riding. I came across the Dainese Alter Real back protector and wondering if any one has ever used one of them and their thoughts? Good? Bad?

Thanks in advance :)


Riding and Training

K%XEEtchen Gloucester

Kîtchen Gloucester. Thirty Ex Display Kîtchens To Clear. w w w . e x d i s p l a y k i t c h e n s 1 . c o . u k £ 595 Each with appli ances.

  • 21 July 2014 17:03 | k3c0ax66


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Horse Care

Can one tell me any thing about Dectomax Pour -On?????

Hello  Hope every one is well and enjoying the sun . Can any one tell me any thing about Dectomax  Pour - On ?? As I do not know much about it other than farmers use it on there cows . My horse Ally is back to biteing his legs again badly and I was told about the above ??????! If it is good on cows I will use it better stop now before time runs out .    From Mary  

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Welcome To Your Horse Forum

Yuk - Bracken had maggots in one foot this morning

Before this morning, they'd had their feet picked out on Saturday night, as OH did the horses twice yesterday without me, and he didn't do feet.

Anyway, Bracken had obviously stood on a poo - probably in one of the field shelters where they go to get away from the flies - which presumably had had flies crawling over it and egg laying, and they'd developed in one of the indents on the side of the frog where it was nice and sweaty for them.

There were about 8 or 9 I suppose, but they came out and were stamped ...

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Common worms and the damage they do to your horse

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Becky Statham, 21 July 2014 10:43

Small Redworm These small, 1cm long, parasites are probably the most serious internal parasite, causing colic, severe weight loss, diarrhoea and sometime death. These parasites are hard to kill as they hide from the immune system within cysts in the gut wall. There’s also widespread resistance to the wormers which are currently available on the market. Roundworm These are large ...



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