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Cancer and riding



Just a questionsto throw out to all.  I have been under going chemotherapy for breast cancer.  I am thankfully coming to the end of chemo treatment.  But then 5weeks of daily radiotherapy.  I had a right side mastectomy and total lymph node clearance. 

My question and Hopefully someone can advice is. 

I have and will have a perminent weakness on my right chest side and arm.  So i am looking for a suitable body protector to ride in once im allowed to get back on the saddle.  And boy has it been a long slog not riding,  since ...

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Horse Care

A BROKEN LEG; A BAD REHAB; COMPLICATIONS; and it's bye to my horse, my friend.

This is about lift and support harnesses for long-term horse rehabs. Sadly, if your horse breaks a leg it is highly likely to be euthanized. What we need is:
1)  Balanced lifting on all 4 hoofs for several weeks, nearly 24 hrs/day.
2)  This lifting must not create new problems, new complications.
3)  The horses must be provided the means to walk, simultaneously with the reduced weights on their hoofs.

What we surprisingly lack in all of our rehab lift and support ...

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Trot on

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Allison Lowther, 29 June 2016 17:46

In the July issue of Your Horse magazine dressage trainer and rider Sara Gallop helps you understand the four different gears of trot. To help you understand the difference between each of them click on our video below to watch slow-motion footage of working, collected, medium and extended trot.  



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