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18 May 2011

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glenwill says

Re: Siani - baby cham

The person putting up these posts is not giving you the whole picture.  She has lied in the past about being physically abused by her father - the police investigated the case and found there was no physical evidence of such a thing - she absconded from home following an argument because she had not fed and watered the horses for 2 days during that bad weather we had over Christmas (even through she said she had).  She stole two passports and forged one with my signature (she has even put this in one of her post that she signed her over to her own name).  Following the forged transfer of ownership she came back and stole the horse in the dead of night and rode her for 5 hours (again in her post) even though this horse had done no exercise for at least 2 months - does that sound like someone who cares for horses. ???

Please do not judge people until you know both sides of the story !!!!.


27 May 2011 09:03