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The Girls


01 May 2008

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KTKitten says

RE: Media Gallery Detail

Hi there Keltic! I left a message on your other picture (showing one) saying how much your lovely mare looks like me previous horse.. I know it sounds bonkers but they really are spookily 'twin'like! If you don't mind, I'd like to forward you a photo so that you can see. If you let me know where to email it I'll try and scan one of my old photos (well, I say old, he's still only 7yrs old now!) Also I see your mare's name is Katie - that's the name of the mare I purchased after selling my twin like cob! Spooky! Sorry to rattle! KT Kittens mum x

22 May 2008 12:09


AlexC says

RE: Media Gallery Detail


07 May 2008 20:19


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smokefairy says

RE: Media Gallery Detail

Oh they are just stunning!

01 May 2008 19:31


keltic says

RE: Media Gallery Detail

These are my 2 girls, The chestnut - 28 yo TB Kelly The Blue Roan - 12 yo Irish Cob Katie Hope you like

01 May 2008 19:14