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Becky and Bracken

Becky & Bracken - Cantering - March 2009

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23 March 2009

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sinbadisthebest says

RE: Media Gallery Detail

Well done you weren't bumping around! But your arms were a little stiff!

28 April 2009 15:06


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Caddy731993 says

RE: Media Gallery Detail

thank you, a friend at my riding school who also does a lot of work with her is going to go to some comps with her and shes having lessons with the chairman of the BHS, so theres big things planned for her!!! Shes only 7 so has a long way to go. This is on one of her good days, some days her canter can be awful and she is not always that wiling!! But shes good really!!

30 March 2009 21:44


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ponygems33 says

RE: Media Gallery Detail

wow love your posture and an ealantet canter you should go in so more comps with dressarge your good

29 March 2009 10:49

Hoofbeats on the Heart

Hoofbeats on the Heart says

RE: Media Gallery Detail

your posture is very nice, but you arms seem to be a little stiff.


27 March 2009 21:41