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Got something to say?

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Jul 08

Posts: 5

Charli-boi says:

Hey Im Loren

Hey Im Loren, Im from New Zealand and have a 13 year old TB gelding, he is called Charli, and when I got him he was almost unridable, it took me 30mins to get on, now I have a happy boy, who I injoy ruiding and being around he is such a dude!

I got Charli for the measly sum of $300, or about 100 pounds I think, and he came with a whole lot of ger, worth more than I got him for, so score! lol, I like jumping mainly, and I kind of dislike dressage, its our weak point! 

Excuse my position in that jumping pic, its 40cm, and he is almost galloping, he is heap better now though, that was when I first got him, he was a nutcase, I really need a photo B*tch lmao.


this is us jumping 80cm, and 90 (which is 3 foot?) but he knocks the 90cm.


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  2. charli  
  3. charli-trots  

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Jun 08

Posts: 47

mordie says:

Re: Hey Im Loren

Hey Loren

welcome to the forum


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Apr 08

Posts: 17

BlueFlame says:

Re: Hey Im Loren

hey which loren?

X..x..For The Horse..x..X

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Apr 05

Posts: 1669

jane_envis says:

Re: Hey Im Loren

hi loren, sounds like you got a bargain! Hope you enjoy it here!

The horse through all its trials has preserved the sweetness of paradise in its blood. ~Johannes Jensen

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May 09

Posts: 482

ayla199 says:

Re: Hey Im Loren

hi welcome to the forum

just had to reply to your post because you spell your horses name the same way i spell mine, i named charli (hes the coloured in my pics) but i didnt want him to just be charlie as there are loads of them so i left the E out and until now he was the only one i knew spelt like that! now there are 2 lol

Ayla xxx

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