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May 08

Posts: 2

TankyTanky says:

Thousands sign horse attack petition!!

More than 2,000 people have signed an on-line petition demanding tougher sentences for animal killers after the devastated owners of a horse slashed by yobs in Essington launched a campaign.

Davina Bowyer and Mick Astbury are calling for “Maggie’s Law” in memory of their beloved horse, which died after the horrific attack in the village. The 19-year-old piebald mare had to be put down due to appalling injuries after being attacked by a meat cleaver in Essington Hall Farm last April.

Matthew Corfield, aged 19, from Higgs Road in Wednesfield, served just eight weeks of a five-month sentence in a young offenders institute for his part in the attack after admitting causing unnecessary harm to Maggie.

Co-accused Alex Lister, aged 19, of Olinthus Avenue in Wednesfield, was given an 180-hour community order.

After the pair were sentenced for the attack Miss Bowyer, who had owned Maggie from the age of 18 months and described her as her “baby”, immediately set up a website calling for tougher laws.

And just weeks later, more than 2,000 have signed up demanding tougher action for animal abusers while hundreds more have signed petitions around the region showing their support.

Miss Bowyer and Mr Astbury said they hoped to reach a target of 30,000 names before the petition is sent to Gordon Brown.

Mr Astbury, aged 58, said: “It is a very bittersweet moment. Our lives were destroyed when Maggie was killed in such an horrific way but it is wonderful to see so many people supporting the action we are calling for.

“We will still never understand why somebody would do what they did to Maggie, who was our pride and joy.

“There is more than 2,000 people signed up and lots of other petitions are going around which have hundreds of signatures.”

Earlier this month, Matthew Corfield’s father Peter said his son was “very sorry” for what he had done when he was released and had paid his debt to society.

To join the petition, visit


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Oct 07

Posts: 1218

ceej1000 says:

Re: Thousands sign horse attack petition!!

how do I get to sign the petition - do you have the link?


It disgusts me...I cant bear to hear stories like that

Be nice to your neddy

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