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Aug 06

Posts: 1

chloe_parker says:

I suspect my new mare is pregnant.....

ok so i bought a mare two weeks ago to compete in show jumping, when i looked at her everyone told me (owner and training yard) that she needed work and had a very big grass belly, due to the fact that she was neglected and on deaths door 9 months ago.

Since having her shes been worked nearly every day and already has started to tone up on her top line, hind quaters and neck. However.... I have been asked several times if she is a brood mare and when the vet came out yesterday to give her her jabs she asked if she was a brood mare too and I realised that I dont actually know if she is with foal or not. Her bosy is changing but her belly is getting bigger.

The vet is coming out next week to let me know for definate but I just wanted to ask for anyones advise on what to do next.... If it is confirmed shes not far off and I have never had a mare in foal before....


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Jun 08

Posts: 3625

Re: I suspect my new mare is pregnant.....

oh god been there done that last year!! If you stand behind her does she look oval at the bottom of her belly? Has her teats stated to swell a bit? Has he muscle by her tail got a bit flabby?

I had a surprise foal last yeat I had about 15 hours "officail" notice. Dont ride her and just walk her quietly in hand if you can. Can you arrange for her to be in a field on her own? Does your yard have a foaling box.

Roobee gave birth  in a  field and both were healthyJJ was born 10 hh, mum is 15.3.x

Horses - if God made anything more beautiful, he kept it for himself. ~Author Unknown

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