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Mar 12

Posts: 10

chalmers says:

Horse essentials and preparation!

 Okay, so I know that the word 'essential' doesn't really exist in the horse world as everything is pretty much essential. My point is that I'm calling a dealer next weekend (I fully trust this dealer, family and friends have recommended him and I will still take caution not to jump at the 'perfect' horse!) so I'm trying to make a list of what I need, and when I need it. Obviously money is tight for everyone so I can't afford to get everything at once.

I'm planning on competing in show jumping 1.20m+ so a jumping saddle would be required, however I was thinking on getting the 'general' riding equipment first; gp saddle, bridle, boots etc. This horse would be living out all year round but in at winter nights. 

I have never 'fully' owned a horse myself, as in I have looked after friends and competed on other horses and I intend on keeping in on my farm. I do own an uncut 2 year old shetland pony(We are planning on gelding him Octoberish) so I have buckets, a grooming kit etc. 

Basically my questions are:

  1. How do I budget what I need and when should I get it
  2. How to introduce my shetland and my (hopefully)future horse
  3. Anything small that I'll probably forget; first aid kit etc.
  4. Just any general advice!
  5. Advice on vetting would be good too... like 5 stage vetting? what?

Also, I was planning on keeping him at a local livery yard until everything arrives(online shopping!) and they would hopefully be able to supply me with a saddle etc temporarily. Is this a good idea?


Any advice is greatly appreciated so thanks in advance for helping me out and I hope the rest of your weekend is great


"Life is awesome, so chill and stay positive." - Dougie Poynter

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Jul 12

Posts: 13

andrea92 says:

Re: Horse essentials and preparation!

Defimitely get a 5 stage vetting, it'd be silly not to. And if youre paying a substantial amount of money, get x-rays too, i know they are expensive but they can save a lot of expense/heartache down the line! Look into insurance too before you buy as (i think) its important.

As for introducing, i think the best way is to introduce over the fence (have them in fields next to each other) and then if they are fine which they probably will be, put them together and just watch them.

I wouldnt go too mad on buying competition stuff as you will need to get to know the horse first (it might not work out so if you end up selling back you may have wasted money etc) buy rugs that you will need, eg. lightweight turnout/summer sheet type thing. Also buy a headcollar as not many dealers part with theirs!

Things like brushing boots/over reach boots you might not need but you will find out if you do so you can buy as and when.

Just for basics, make sure you have enough hay/haynets, the right feed, just basic horsey things. As im sure everyone else has done on here, you will somehow accumulate hundreds of things over the years that you dont actually need!

Good luck and remember, dont fall in love with what you see straight away!x

R.I.P my beautiful Zola, you will be missed every day <3

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Mar 09

Posts: 3582

Micki says:

Re: Horse essentials and preparation!

Have it vetted, 5 stage vetting as that is the most thorough as i presume that you are paying a substantial amount if you are wanting a horse to jump 1m20+ courses.

It depends what comes with the horse to what you will need to buy. If it comes with nothing then you will need to buy a saddle, bridle, headcollar and leadrope at the very least. I wouldn't try borrowing a saddle of anyone as people don't like lending their saddles out as they are an expensive item to buy and don't want them getting damaged, unless you have a friend who has one that is willing to lend it to you and it fits the horse.

You could also do with lunging equipment incase you need to lunge at all.

If you already have a pony then i assume you have a first aid kit so you should have the essentials of that covered.

You could do with a seperate grooming kit for each horse.

As the weather changes you will need to buy rugs for winter.

To introduce the horse to your pony have them in the field next to each other but with a fence between them, an electric fence will do the job. After a couple of days they should be fine to put together, just keep an eye on them.

If you are going to keep him at the farm with your shetland then i wouldn't take him/her to a livery yard for a week or two and then take him to the farm as it will be very unsettling for him/her. The horse needs to go to its new home and be allowed to settle in straight away. Don't worry if you don't have everything straight away as you want to let the horse settle in for a few days before starting to ride it anyway.

Good luck and i hope your search doesn't take too long but be warned it can take months to find the right horse.

. .A horse is a thing of such beauty. . .none will tire of looking at him as long as he displays himself in his splendor. ~Xenophon

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