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Jul 12

Posts: 11

andrea92 says:

I might have just bought myself two foalies... Oops!

So, after a few visits and a lot of deciding, I have put a deposit down on two shetland colts! I am so excited! They are two months at the moment so I have to wait a while until I can get them home. They are super cute, one is a piebald called Calypso and one is a dun called Acer! Acer is a lot more friendly at the moment and if you scratch him between his front legs he rocks backwards and forwards! Calypso isn't quite as interested in the scratches but I'm sure once he realises how good they are he won't leave! Lol. I've had ponies for many years and know a lot but I'm new to the shetland thing, I've done a massive amount of research and the general consensus is that you just treat them as you would any other horse! I am really hoping they will make very good show ponies as both are very nicely built, the piebald has lovely markings and the dun is also very eye-catching. Does anyone have any advice re showing? I've read that you are not to clip them unless they are ridden, but some people rug up a little to make the winter coat less thick? I'm not soo keen on this especially for the first few years as I want them to be as natural as possible. Also what do those of you that have shetlands feed? I am going to be keeping them stabled at night unless its really hot (purely because I worry like crazy if I know my horse is out at night, I like them tucked up safely!) So they will have hay, but do they need hard feed? The stud I'm getting them from has them out 24/7 and they have hay 24/7 and only feed those that need it in the winter. Any advice any one has is much appreciated, I think I have attached photos, if not then ill figure out how and do so! Andrea x

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R.I.P my beautiful Zola, you will be missed every day <3

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Mar 12

Posts: 147

kezza81 says:

Re: I might have just bought myself two foalies... Oops!

 Yes treat them like any other horse! For now I wouldnt feed them anything except grass and hay with a mineral lick available. Shetties are tough little dudes and really dont require much feed. They were bred to do well on poor grazing and survive freezing winters. Actually the number one way to give a shettie lami is to over feed especially when you combine that with improper exercise. Just like any other horse they need exercise. As youngsters regular short walks in hand will help keep them trim and when they get older you could try long reining and introduce in-hand dressage.  We did this with our old shettie and it kept him trim and give him something to do when he retired from being a ridden pony. He lived out on a 10 acre field with 5 other horses and never got lami or too fat as we kept him busy. Shetties are clever little sods too so giving them things to do like kick a ball or a few tricks like standing on a box etc helps keep them out of trouble! 

Good luck with your lovely new bundles of mischief!

a pony is a child's dream and an adult's treasure.

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Mar 12

Posts: 8

chalmers says:

Re: I might have just bought myself two foalies... Oops!

 I've had my shetland for around a year now and we've kept him pretty low maintanece. He stays out all year round and gets strip grazed when necessary. Apart from that he just gets water and a few nibbles, like a said; low maintanece. Having said that he isn't quite a show pony!

"Life is awesome, so chill and stay positive." - Dougie Poynter

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