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Aug 12

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OBjaR says:

A horse with bucking and rearing problem || tell your opinion about my video!

Zlatograd - What have you done?

watch the video:

When we got Zlatograd (the horse) 1.5 years ago, he was a "problem horse". We bought Z from a riding school, which was selling him because of a bucking/rearing problem (test riding video: [url=]koostekoeratsastus.wmv - YouTube[/url]). After a couple of months he stopped those rodeos, but he's still a little unpredictable sometimes. We also found out that Zlatograd had had a very hard-handed and rude rider in Estonia when he was younger (a picture taken in estonia: We think that's the reason why he jumps with his head very high. But, for all that, the horse still jumped even 110cm courses last year (you can find videos from youtube channel chockypony). This video is made to prove you should never give up.

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