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Oct 07

Posts: 1472

dollymix says:

Equestrian Olympics!

Well, what can I say? I have honestly never felt more proud to be a rider!

With a haul of medals including Team Silver for Eventing, Team Gold for Showjumping and Dressage and Individual Gold and Bronze for Dressage, I think we can all be justly proud of our riders' achievements!


From the excitement of the cross country, with a staggering backdrop of London, the thrill of a showjumping jump-off, to the beauty of the dressage in a stunning main stadium; all of the events have been a true spectacle to behold.


I have cheered myself hoarse (pardon the pun! lol) and cried as our riders achieved their dreams (Yes- whilst in work, I have blubbed like a baby lol - and not been ashamed to do so!)


Although I have never seen myself as a dressage diva, preferring the thrill of cross country, I must say that the Dressage has been a real highlight for me. Laura's Kur Test, with the Lion King music brought tears to my eyes and seeing the pure overwhelming joy of Charlotte as she achieved a record breaking Team and Individual Gold was very humbling. I do feel that special mention must go to the wonderful Carl Hester....what a mentor! Charlotte is one lucky lady!


The Olympics has left me feeling inspired and I honestly think that there has never been a better time to be a rider in the UK! (Proudly waving my Flag!)


CONGRATULATIONS Team (Equestrian) GB!!

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Nov 11

Posts: 254

Lottiepony says:

Re: Equestrian Olympics!

 great post and totally agree! Really just makes you want to go out and ride and improve, it's been a fantastic result to help promote the sport for sure :)

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Mar 09

Posts: 3438

Micki says:

Re: Equestrian Olympics!

THey ave all done brilliantly.

Can't believe that 2 of the dressage horses are up for sale though before the olympics have even finished though. I think that that takes the shine off what they have achieved a bit.

. .A horse is a thing of such beauty. . .none will tire of looking at him as long as he displays himself in his splendor. ~Xenophon

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Sep 08

Posts: 4939

brook says:

Re: Equestrian Olympics!

The Olympics has been amazing, I've enjoyed absolutely everything !! Team GB has done a fantastic job, 3rd in the league table atm. Our equestrian riders have really done us proud, what more can we ask for ! Sadly I missed the Dressage because of work and I'm a bit miffed about the coverage on BBC as they did'nt show the highlights, I had to wait for the 10 0 clock news !!   

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Nov 08

Posts: 246

cindars says:

Re: Equestrian Olympics!

If you go to bbc.olympics you can see the whole thing, I watched  Charlotte Dujardin  twice  once on tv and then when I stopped hidding being sofas again on line.

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Jun 09

Posts: 818

Re: Equestrian Olympics!

Totally agree with you Dollymix, I am NOT an emotional bod, I like to stay in control at all times but I cried at the show jumping and tears flooded down my face for the dressage - I have never like dressage I suppose because I didn't understand it when I was young.  But if I had my time again that is what I would want to do, I think my ZZ would have loved that!

Anyway well done Team GB and I hope that this may encourage the broadcasters to show more equestrian sport on TV - there is a following guys listen to us as well as football, cricket, golf, tennis bla bla bla fans, we also pay the licence fee :-(

And a huge well done toall those wonderful horses xxxxx

There is no greater gift than to share time with a creature of such beauty - The Horse.

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