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Aug 12

Posts: 3

MayMagic says:

Hello EveryOne!!! Some Ponies Need Your Help !

hi everyone I'm new here :D I've recently been helping out with a charity event to raise some money for shirley horse charity and forgotten paws. Shirley horse and pony rescue does so much for neglected and unloved horses. As a small child i rescued my first pony from there and gave her a loving home i assure you... but this whole charity is run by one women and to lend her a hand my yard friends have decided to do a horsey car boot, with some really good stuff not tat, we have riding jackets, saddles show nummnahs, bits and lots of other things aswell as what you have to offer.

You get to keep the money you make obviously :D its just £5 a table and if your like me and just cant have enough horsey stuff its only 50p to get in!!!!

I've attached the poster with all the information needed! This is where you come in, i need ot spread this around the warwickshire, redditch, earlswood area so can you spread the love and get as many people interested as possible it would be a great help and of course drop on by and say hello and grab yourself a bargin or clear out those boxes ( lots and lots of boxes) of your unwanted horse stuff !!!!!!

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Jul 12

Posts: 12

Equbook says:

Re: Hello EveryOne!!! Some Ponies Need Your Help !

Hi and welcome!


That's great that you help out at a charity!!! Sorry, but I live in Spain, so it would be quite a far way to come over...


See you soon!

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