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Oct 11

Posts: 46

Gel Pad Numnahs!

 Hi, I am wanting to get a gel pad for my appaloosa mare who has back problems. I am unsure about which form is best and which brand is best? Can anyone shead any light on this? Thanks x

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Apr 05

Posts: 2854

rhapsody says:

Re: Gel Pad Numnahs!

I was given a sheepskin half pad with gel areas built into it where the saddle sits, it is a Stephens and was expensive, I do like it though and my horses are comfortable in it.

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Jun 08

Posts: 3625

Re: Gel Pad Numnahs!

have you had her back checked out. I am getting Laura out and of August  ( i hope) to re-align Roobee before i finally get on board. She charges £45  a visit. xx

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Mar 11

Posts: 70

Oxanaaa says:

Re: Gel Pad Numnahs!

 The one Rhapsody said about is really good, you could also try an air pad so you can adjust it. I'd be wary of the gel one's which sit against their backs as they can rub their coat and be really uncomfy, i found out the hard way on a very bucky horse haha! 

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Nov 11

Posts: 254

Lottiepony says:

Re: Gel Pad Numnahs!

 I get her back and saddle doubled checked just to be on the safe side as well :)

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