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Oct 10

Posts: 783

lydiarose says:

What do you feed your horse?

 Thought this would maybe be an interesting thread, seen it on another forum!

What is your horse's height/age/weight, temperament, do they hold weight and what do you actually feed them?

Woody is 15.1hh, 6 years old, have no idea what weight he is but he is fine (think a Cob x with Arab in there somewhere, he holds weight well.

Right now he's on one feed a day, breakfast!
One and a half of the small scoops of Leisure Mix, with a handful of carrots and an apple, and a blob of sunflower oil mixed in.
Then has a medium soaked haynet through the day and out to grass at about 4 until 8 the next morning.

I tend to keep is simple, so was wondering what others feed? 

Woodhouse JT <3

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Apr 05

Posts: 2992

rhapsody says:

Re: What do you feed your horse?

Blair is in just now (can't be trusted not to kill himself in the field) and coming back into work, he gets sugar beet, alfa a oil and calm and condition - if there's no calm and condition in the bowl then there's a tantrum, he loves it that much!  He gets Global Herbs strongbone and Global Herbs movefree plus just as added insurance re his hoof imbalance, the strongbone should be able to stop in another year but I'll keep him on movefree plus meantime.  He also has haylage day and night as much as he wants to eat, he gets fed morning and night. I'm also about to add in Hilton Herbs linseed and fenugreek thrive and shine since he's not got any grazing just now, for added condition. The other two are out in good pasture just now so I've stopped their normal feeds which usually consist of sugar beet and alfa a oil, once a day if grazing is good but twice if not.  They're in at night so have haylage in the stables.  Blair is 16.3hh and in good condition, Sammy is 16hh and getting plump, Zara is 16hh, still growing and in ideal condition for her age.

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Aug 10

Posts: 5626

kevinhiatt says:

Re: What do you feed your horse?

Sabina is a 16.2h Belgian Warmblood Mare 17years old  660kg, BSJA grade B, now a loving fire eating dragon and field boss has reared and went backwards into a ditch when out riding, out grazing from 7am till about 6pm, gets tiny amounts of Soft and Soak a Soya Based feed with Feedmark Oestress as when in season is a problem this at night, in the morning a small tiny feed of carrots, apples and hi-fi lite with a pasture mix added with Naf Veteran Supplement, Cod liver oil, Cider Vinegar. In her stable is a horslyx which stops chewing wood, in the stable is ad lib Horseage fed from a manger on the floor keeps floor tidy. Water in 2  water buckets 6 gallon Stubbs buckets, Sabina is a very large Mare and a good doer.

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Gypsy Gold does not chink & glitter.It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark.Tonka & Lara my beautiful horses RIP, Nelson,Chloe & Kitty the cats.

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mill mo


Jan 05

Posts: 36

mill mo says:

what do you feed your horse

Bear is a 15.2hh Welsh D x Cob and Rocky is a 12.2hh Welsh B there both out a grass 24/7 on good grazing so dont feed anything else at moment , if they come in they get haylage (Rocky doesn't like hay) and over winter are both fed calm and condition and osichaff. Both are holding there weight nicely at the moment but as soon as weather gets cold they will start losing it. Millie is a 13.3hh Cob and is on the larger size but nothing to bad, she's fed the same as the boys but with suppliments added. Its taken us forever to find a feed that  Rocky will eat  as he is so fussy and also that is suitable for millie to have as there are so many things she can't have in feeds including Alfalfa.

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Sep 08

Posts: 5219

brook says:

Re: What do you feed your horse?

Tenor is a 14.2hh Welsh Sec D aged 11. On the weight tape he is around 420 kilo's but these are said to be inaccurate so he probably weighs more than this ! Tenor is a good doer and is out at grass from 7AM and usually comes in for 1-2 hours late afternoon before exercise. ( to stop him from eating for a while lol ) He goes out again for a couple of hours later on. Tenor is stabled at night with a large haynet, for breakfast and tea he has 1 beaker of Baileys Lo-Cal balancer with a couple of handfulls of Safe & sound and one sliced carrot.


Tilly is a 15.2hh TBX aged 5. Not sure of her weight but for a TB type she's a pretty good doer. she has the same routine as Tenor and atm is only fed a fortified chaff with carrots as she's not doing any work. During the Winter we gave her Spillers non heating conditioning cubes as she was working harder and did'nt have very much grass.

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