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Oct 07

Posts: 1472

dollymix says:

Excellent customer service from NAF

Just a quick note really to say how pleased I am with the customer service from NAF!


We quite often hear about other people's bad experiences, but necessarily the good ones.


The short version of the story is that i decided to try Dulcie on NAF Magic, to see if it helped to settle her and get her more focused (on me - rather than horse eating mosters! lol). She finished the first tub and was goind really well on it....much more relaxed about life! Bought a new tub,but for whatever reasons (horses will be horses) she decided that she didn't want to eat it!!


So, I posted a thread on another forum (!! Sorry guys!!) askingfor tips on what to disguise it, and despite some good suggestions which i duly tried (including apple juice, grated carrot, peppermint cordial - never knew there was such a thing), she was still having none of it.


therefore, yesterday i decided to email NAF to ask if they had changed the recipe...I got a response within a couple of hours! It was full of useful tips, advice and recommendations, together with an offer of a free sample of dried mint to see if that would help!


Really impressed with NAF - I think the response, together with the advice and an offer for something to try is fantastic and will recommend them to all and sundry!


Isn't it nice to be able to be positive about customer service for once?!

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Oct 08

Posts: 487

Leo2980 says:

Re: Excellent customer service from NAF

I bought some products from the NAF stand at Gatcombe last year and realised when I got home that they had overcharged me by a significant amount.  I emailed them first thing on Monday and got a telephone call within a few hours. They couldn't have been more apologetic and duly sent me a cheque for the overcharge plus some goodies as an apology :-)

I use D&H Hedgerow Herbs - smells gorgeous!  A friend recently borrowed some to tempt her mare that had to have various meds in her feed, which she refused to eat.  The herbs certainly disguised the meds.  It smells very minty so dried mint might work but if you can get a sample from D&H I would recommend trying the hedgerow herbs.

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Courage is being scared to death - but saddling up anyway!

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