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Mar 09

Posts: 4392


 RIP little one you lived for 6 hours and tried your hardest to fight but in the end it was only fair to let you go in peace. Your mum misses you so much and spends a lot of time by where you were buried you will never be forgot by any of us not a day goes by when i dont think about you and wish you were still here with us.

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Sep 08

Posts: 4939

brook says:

Re: Iris

Bless her heart, I'm so sorry Abbie, you and Fi must miss her so much, I'm crying for her now and although I did'nt know her it just seems so unfair. She will be at peace now, stay strong for Fi, big hugs for you all love Lyn XX

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Jul 08

Posts: 1072

tatti says:

Re: Iris

its so sad, did you find a foster foal?


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Apr 05

Posts: 2848

rhapsody says:

Re: Iris

So sorry about this, I know how much you looked forward to this foal x

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