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Siobhan Dillon   says:

Points to consider when going barefoot

Siobhan Dillon DAEP, Licensed Instructor ( gives you some questions you should ask yourself when deciding whether your horse should go barefoot...  - Why are you going shoeless? To improve performance, to improve the health of the foot, to be natural, to gain soundness, to save money? - Make sure that you understand that not all ‘barefoot’/shoeless practitioners/trimmers/trims are equal - What philosophies and theories does...

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Jul 08

Posts: 1072

tatti says:

RE: Why go barefoot

look on my blog ex racehorse going barefoot - then you can see how hard it is going barefoot!

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Nov 12

Posts: 1

tagri8993 says:

RE: Why go barefoot

 both my horses are barefoot and they are fine plus it is a lot cheaper!


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