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Sep 07

Posts: 4318

admin says:

Watch how a horse reacts while travelling

We put a secrect camera in the back of editorial assistant, Emily's horsebox to find out how her horse Kishon reacts to different parts of the journey. Coming soon...

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Apr 11

Posts: 1

whitbywhich says:

RE: Watch how a horse reacts while travelling

 The stall seems too small for this horse.  He is forced to travel with his neck bent the whole time. This cannot be good for him, especially on long journeys.

I would love to see a camera in herringbone, rear facing, front facing lorries, and in trailers too, for comparison.

I used to have lorry-envy, but now I think a trailer may be nicer for a horse, because they can lean their chest on the breast bar and stretch their necks out for balance. 

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Jul 12

Posts: 3

Jazzandsass says:

RE: Watch how a horse reacts while travelling

 I always thought that horses travelled better in a lorry, but this horse seemed not to have enough room to put his head in a comfortable position.  Unlike a trailer where they are at least able to put their head over the breast bar.  I was once told that  if a horse was travelled for one hour, it was the same as if he had walked for that hour.  Has anyone heard of this comparison?

My ponies travel facing backwards and I am not aware of them moving very much at all,  as  you can feel their movement in the towing vehicle.  I have a cheap intercom that I can plug in and listen or even talk to them.  I hear more rattling of  lead ropes and attachments and them sneezing than anything else.

It would be very interesting to repeat the exercise in a front facing, rear facing trailer and herringbone trailer or lorry.



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Jul 08

Posts: 9

sharron113 says:

RE: Watch how a horse reacts while travelling

Yes, I would love to see a horse travelling backwards facing too to see the comparison!

Life is not a rehearsal. Every day is a gift so use it wisely.

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