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Sep 07

Posts: 4314

admin says:

No question too simple - just ask!

If you've been reading the Training Academy but aren't sure about something or would like some more tips or advice, please get in touch with your questions. We will ask Spencer and Jay to answer them for you and your question (along with the answer) will appear in an upcoming issue Your Horse magazine. Use the link below to find out more. 

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Dec 14

Posts: 27

rosejam14 says:

Re: No question too simple - just ask!

How would you deal with separation anxiety with two horses (tbs- l  gelding and 1 mare) when ridden apart or at shows and one on the box??

A third horse is not an option, mirrors made no differencd and even ridden within sight of each other at home or at shows the mare in particular calls non stop and stresses.

She has improved and is not sweating like she did but if not in sight on the box she will stress and crash about and it is very stressful for us and her.  It then upsets the other horse being ridden and can be quite a handful.

Calmers tried make no difference so far either.  We are tryng to ride apart as much as possible but with moving house and not beiung able to ride after work as dark means we cannot practise this as much as we would like to.  

I did consider ear plugs but these cannot be used in showing.  







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Jan 15

Posts: 6

huzaifarao says:

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