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Jun 09

Posts: 818

Its game, set and match

And I am not talking tennis.  Having yet another one of those rubbish days, I am not sure what is wrong with me or what is going wrong in my life.  Last night in the peeing rain rushing about getting mares fed, watered, medicated and hayed I went to the muck trailer unloaded the wheelbarrow then as I came down the ramp slipped - more buises and egg sized bumps on my leg this time - did I swear - of course not!!!

I lay in bed thinking about the vet visit and the outcome, the mares and what I should do, eventually fell asleep, got on yard this morning to ZZ in a cheeky mood so thought OK maybe it isn't time, she is happy even if she is in, she loves her mamouth stable so no decision needs to be made.

Welshie was sneezing, squeeking generally carrying on but I still have no test results so  again no decision there.

Then Anya, she was quiet all morning, sat down in her stable watching the hay man unloading the quadrants, which I thought strange she should be at the door weaving.  She then stood and ate, mooched about then sat down again just as the guys came to deliver my bedding, again I thought this odd behaviour.  Looked round 5 minutes later she is laying on her side, legs paddling and eyes rolling, I screamed and shouted but nothing. Stood with her and waited for a while she then took a deep breath in, stood up and ate her hay as though nothing had happened.

That was I think a grand mal seizure, 2nd one in a month and I always said if she reached that point I would let her go.  Coupled with the fact her meds are £900 per month and I can't afford that once the insurance stops, so I think I am going to have to say goodbye. Breaks my heart, but I have emailed my Vet and told him what I want on the day, but I have not yet set a date, I think I will give her the next month or so on a higher dose and let her be spoint rotten and do all her favourite horsey things, and probably say goodbye in September which will be 4 years since she came into my life.

There is no greater gift than to share time with a creature of such beauty - The Horse.

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May 08

Posts: 960

TruStar says:

Re: Its game, set and match

I feel with you. I`m a bit in the same boat. For weeks Starlett refused to to come for a walk. Now sometimes she will come other days she signals not today. Problems in near fore, off hind and lungs. I`m just going to let her enjoy the grass this summer but when the farmer closes the field for the winter I have to make a decision as i will not have her standing around in her little dirt paddock. She always liked her work and going for hacks but I do think she will be better off in horse heaven. It is awful to make a decision like this but I think in situations like this it is better to think of the horse and not of myself.

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Apr 10

Posts: 430

lauralou15 says:

Re: Its game, set and match

 Oh that makes me so sad :( but only for you as I know you will be sounds as if you have made the right decision for her though and you have been so amazing with her i'm sure if she could tell you she would tell you how grateful she is to you for all you've done for her...big hugs sent your way xxx

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Sep 08

Posts: 4939

brook says:

Re: Its game, set and match

Oh Karen I'm so sorry, you must be going through a terrible time atm. You have reached a decision and it's very brave of you as I know that it was'nt easy. Take comfort in the fact that you did everything possible for her and she knows that she's loved and cared for, I'm sure that she will enjoy being spoilt rotten ! Big hugs for you, take care, Lyn XX

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Mar 10

Posts: 3273

greyandbay says:

Re: Its game, set and match

She's had 4 years of love and care from you, and you've done all you can for her in that time.

It's such a hard decision to make, as things change from day to day, and some days you think they can go on for ever, some days you think that's it.

But I'm sure she'll enjoy her few weeks of extra pampering and attention, and you'll know that you've given her the best that you can.

And please take care of yourself - you've had some nasty little accidents in the last few weeks, you need to be fighting fit to look after your girls.

Hope Welshies results come back soon, lots of love and hugs for you and the girls,

Sue xx

The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man - Winston Churchill

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Apr 05

Posts: 2851

rhapsody says:

Re: Its game, set and match

What a shame, you really do sound as though you need a wee break ( and I don't mean any bones by the way) from it all.  You have given Anya the fighting chance she deserved and now you will do the right thing for her, it just doesn't feel like it right now.  And Trustar, that goes for you too, best wishes to both of you x

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Apr 12

Posts: 691

Re: Its game, set and match

Oh dear.  I am sorry to hear this sad news, however, like all have said, you have given her a lovely life, so yes, spoil her rotten for a little bit longer; I always have thought before winter starts is the right time to plan for.

It is a hard decision to make, but it sometimes is the best one.


Please take care of yourself, and keep us up to date on events; good or bad. You too TruStar.

Best wishes, Jen

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