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Mar 09

Posts: 792

SuzyA says:

Putting out big round hay bales in field

Does anyone put out big round hay bales in their field for their horses to continually munch on?

How do you keep down the dust in the hay?

How long on average would it take two horses to get through one?

Thanks, Suzy



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Nov 09

Posts: 223

tbgirl25 says:

Putting out big round hay bales in field

we use a bale buddy - certainly my best buy of 2011!! - google!

Had 6 horses all winter eating from it and it would take around 7-10 days depending on the bale and weather conditions.

Towards the end of the summer we had 3 foals and 1 mare with an old bale - that took them a fair while to eat but it was also a rather manky bale.....

Never had any problems with horses getting stuck or anything like that - my reason for not buying a metal feeder!

You do need a tractor and two people to put the buddy on the bale - only takes around 10 minutes though so sometimes i just had to wait until the husband was avaliable to give me a hand - in the meantime the horses would eat whats left on the ground.

No wastage - brillant!!

the bales come wrapped in plastic which limits the dust although really dust in hay is actually down to the baler and havest.

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