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Nov 09

Posts: 223

tbgirl25 says:

Showing pony with bald patches

I'm taking a youngster to an event on Sunday for a bit of experience, never had a problem with him but in the last few days he's got bald patches on his neck.

Been treating all our horses for lice for the last 6 weeks and it all cleared up four weeks ago - last two was to just 'keep it away' - the field boarders onto open common so they catch it this time of the year from the feral ponies.

I'm now thinking its sweet itch although i never see him stratching or rubbing, maybe just the summer coat growing through. 'seasonal alpecia'

The hair is growing back - but its taking time  - does anyone know what i can use to cover up the bald patches - some are black and some are pink.

He's black in colour so i'm thinking hoof oil.

At the moment he's being treated with variety of products (shampoos etc) inc one cream, twice a day on the patches which contains tea tree oil and aleo vera.




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Apr 12

Posts: 691

Re: Showing pony with bald patches

I think they used to use shoe polish?

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