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Jan 12

Posts: 24

lynnandbella says:

which saddle??

having recently backed my 3yr old and just starting to increase the trotting, ive noticed that she falls back into walk with a little stumble from behind which also sends me off balance and im worried it may upset her, i try and film every ride so that i can see what is happening and what needs working on!, she has lovely floaty paces when lunged on a large cirlce and in her paddock but seems to shorten up when ridden, shes not hollowing her back or anything and her neck and head seem fairly relaxed during trotting just coming back into walk isnt very smooth and actually makes me cringe! i currently have a wintec 250 which had been great but feel it puts me quite far back! as she is young and still developing do i go for a vsd type saddle or a gp?

a bond can take a life time to make but is impossible to break xx

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Nov 10

Posts: 260

Charem says:

Re: which saddle??


Sounds to me as though she is falling on to her forehand during the downwards transition. Providing the saddle is correctly fitted it's a schooling issue but very common with the babies. If the saddle however is tipping you back it suggests it is too narrow and perching on her withers. I'd get a qualified saddle fitter to have a look firstly.

When you ask for walk try and keep her moving forward in to the transition, stay in rising trot to make it easier for her to engage her back and allow her to take her time with it. She's got to learn to reach under with he hind leg and take the weight there, rather than on her nose! Don't be tempted to pull on the reins to stop. close your upper leg and think of squeezing her up with your seat/legs whilst allowing her forward with your hands.

Good luck x

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