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Jan 12

Posts: 86

Sorry Rant :(

God I've got to have a rant. Hopefully it will be small but I don't think so. Feel free to ignore if you want:)

Why the hell do people over price their horses so badly?And then judge others if their horses don't cost as much? I'm in the pony club and I love it with my friends but have come across some of the bitchiest girls ever! One of the girls has just gotten a new pony-14.2, full conamara, gorgeous, horrible attitude. and she gives out to me for slaping it-on the shoulder.not even hard just a "don't do that please"-when it bits me. I still have a mark! She went around telling every one that she paid 10,000 for it! I wouldn't have paid 2,000 for something with such bad manners! Then she goes around badmouthing Pennny(my 15 carthorse type cob) because she was bought by myself for 600euro and is 18. Her pony is10 at 10 you'd think it had learnt some manners.


And I don't ride Penny with a noseband any more as she has stoped headshaking without it. But theres a group of girls and one or two guys that won't leave me alone about it. And I was doing my Pony Club "C" test and the examiner gives out to me for not having one and says its sort of mean not to have her in one. I explanied the situation with head shaking but she still says its mean and Penny doesn't look as good? Why is it so inportant to some people?


And whip abuse. Again 1 or 2 "higher class" pony club girls literally beat their poor horses if the refuse a jump. They can't even ride properaly so its no wonder the horse refuses with a sack of potatoes on their back! But because mummy thinks their good and she forked up for a prize winniing horse they think its the horses fault if they don't win. At one point in a competition my PC branch "DC" took the whip off one of them and had her eleminated for abuse! But it was still the horses fault and they whiped it by there box with about 5 people trying to stop them. WHY??? I know it can be nice to win but when I don't I just think what did I do wrong and where could I do better?

Sorry for that had to get if off my chest. :( People just anger me so much sometimes.


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It's ok if you give up as long as you come back later to try again.

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Mar 10

Posts: 3273

greyandbay says:

Re: Sorry Rant :(

Mmmm Pony Club - my daughter never ever wanted to go to Pony Club as she said it's so snobby, I suppose in some ways she missed out on things, but in other ways she didn't.

And for a lot of people it's the look of things rather than thinking is it good for the horse....

We have two cobs, both very chunky with lots of feather, and love them to bits, they're lovely to look after, sensible, capable of doing most things, and not likely to bite, lol !!

Just try to ignore the bitchy ones - difficult at times I know - and enjoy Penny, she sounds a real star :o)

The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man - Winston Churchill

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Jun 12

Posts: 22

ieupad says:

Re: Sorry Rant :(

 Gosh this really takes me back to when I was 13/14 and my parents couldnt afford a pony for me and some of the really snobby horrible girls in the village used to look down on me because i would always be riding or mucking out someone else's pony... unfortunately some are like that you just have to rise above it.. and if her pony bites don't forget a horse is a reflection of its owner..

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