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Nov 10

Posts: 48

CarrieDickie says:

riding tackless!!!

 i'm literally adicted to youtube and i've ecently been watching these videos of a girl riding tackless and only having control of her horse with a neckstrap. After days of thinking about it, i'd love to give it a try! Does anybody have any tips or advice fo me? i've never done it before and i'm worried if i will completly stump my horse with confusion haha!


Thanks!! :D xx

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Apr 05

Posts: 2992

rhapsody says:

Re: riding tackless!!!

This girl has most probably got the trust of her horse 100% and has more than likely spent many hours building a good strong relationship with him or her.  You should probably start off by doing some work from the ground in bonding and take it from there.  My husband loves doing the "7 games" by Pat Parelli (I know he comes in for some bad press these days but these really worked on a horse we once had) and he spent many hours on them, he was able to ride our horse in just the rope halter and 12 foot rope and that horse had such trust in my husband they were like one together - he could even get him to lie on his side flat out on the ground and then sit over him and get him to spring up like you see in the demos.  But it did take many hours of building a trusting bond and you get really emotionally in tune with them - so much so that when that horse died suddenly my husband has never been able to bring himself to build just as close a relationship with our current horses as he feels a bit of him died too, although he does have good relationships with them.

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Aug 11

Posts: 282

nix123 says:

Re: riding tackless!!!

 We get on them with just the headcollars on when we bring them in from the field sometimes, my kids love doing this, its good practise for you as you have to use your leg. If you are riding correctly then youll know your movements come from your leg and never your reins anyway. Give it a go, you can start in walk and just do a bit of leg yeilding to the left and right and see how you both get on, but dont forget to wear your hat.


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